Information about us

AHM Trading Concepts Limited was established to focus on supplies of health facilities, buildings, environmental protection, and general procurement and supply services. We are a technical and renowned company with a global tint since its inception in 2018. Our company is licensed to perform projects of unlimited scope especially in developing areas. The company focuses on general supplies which require the perfect combination of sophisticated technologies with professional manpower in order to achieve the highest quality implementation for different projects.

The company places an emphasis on the quality of general contracts, supply, construction, meticulous investigation and self-evaluation processes, outstanding customer service, and a deep commitment to timelines and schedule while providing a comprehensive array of services like planning, management, production, and implementation to project completion stage.

Our Line of Business

AHM Trading Concepts Ltd is proud to be the exporter of great organic and natural products around the world and the importer of excellent consumer goods in Nigeria. Our main products we export outside Nigeria are Cashews, Charcoal, Hibiscus and other raw materials while our main import includes, but not restricted to, medical equipment, diagnostic kits, and other items.

Our Value

AHM Trading Concepts Limited shares its values with other companies in the industry. In an organization, values are essential for building trust – in each other, in our partners, in our customers and with society. Values are the compass that guides our policies and operations.


AHM Trading Concepts Limited vision is to be the preferred partner for solutions in the general supplies such as health materials, Import & Export, civil engineering and construction industry in Nigeria.