High quality cashews from Nigeria

Nigeria is a leading exporter of premium quality raw cashew nuts, with an average 48 kernel yield out-turn. It guarantees a reliable and sustainable supply base in their cashew offer. Our large production base with 19 producing states makes us the fourth largest producer of cashew nuts worldwide. Nigeria is a major and growing player in the cashew industry with rising market share in global cashew production, with an annual average production increase of 5%. Production is projected to go only one way – upwards. By 2030, we will produce 300,000 metric tonnes of cashew.

The Nigerian cashew sector is dominated by smallholder farmers. numbered at about 25,000 and some commercial plantations, with an average cultivated area of 325,000 hectares, local processing industry is growing gradually while there is a significant rise in export due to increased awareness of export potential and processing opportunities. Other actors in the ecosystems include local buying agents, processors, exporters and service providers. The industry employs mostly women constituting about 70% of the workforce, mainly working in cashew processing.

Cashew is generally cultivated for the raw cashew nuts in Nigeria. Mature cashew trees normally start flowering in late November to December. The fruit matures in 90 – 100 days after flowering. The ripe fruits normally start to drop in late January, the peak fruit collection period is between mid February and mid April. It is important to remember that the excellence and thoroughness of post harvest handling affects the quality of the product and thus brings better price to farmers.

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